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The 6Grape Story

I used to work at a big jewelry store. I started 6Grape because I became tired of lying to customers about diamonds representing true love, and tired of the idea of bigger is always better. I became tired of persuading customers to buy a big diamond they could not afford and applying for our credit card ending up making payments to it for years.

Diamonds are not that expensive to obtain and most of the money spent by the customer goes into the pockets of the big diamond industry, the store, and sales representatives. Marriage is to bring two people in love together. With the money saved on not purchasing a worthless stone they could get a better car, a nicer home, or enjoy traveling. The idea of a diamond standing for eternal love is nonsense. I have seen a lot married couples come back for a bigger diamond or a new ring style. I’ve also had many unfortunate customers lose their rings, and have to pay for the unnecessarily expensive diamond again.

This is why I started 6Grape. We provide the highest quality rings at the lowest prices. You can get the same beautiful rings for under $50 without the worry of wearing thousands of dollars on your hand. All 6Grape rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver and high quality Cubic Zirconia. We also carry a fantastic selection of Moissanite and Pearl jewelry including necklaces and gorgeous earrings. Fall in love today!