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Keeping Pearls Clean and Beautiful

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6Grape is proud to offer real pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. We think it's always important to keep your treasures in the best condition. 

Real pearls and pearl variations shouldn't be cleaned in the same way as our other jewelry. Real pearls are actually very delicate. They should be cleaned lightly with a soft lint free cloth. Clean them after every wearing, and just before putting them away for storage after a great night out.

Synthetic pearls should be cleaned with a mild soap formula. Don't include any ammonia or harsh detergents. Ideally ivory flakes or another mild soap. Do not hang pearls to air dry as the strand can stretch out, it's best to keep them on a soft cloth and then place them in a secure jewelry case. 

Also remember when storing pearls, they must be stored in a separate compartment from other jewelry to avoid scratches from gold, diamond, sapphire and other gems.

You might be tempted to place the pearls in a closed safe or bag. DONT DO THIS.

Store your pearls in an atmosphere with some moisture. Pearls are organic gems and need oxygen to retain their beauty. For the same reasons, it is not advisable to store pearls in a safety deposit box for long periods of time. 

Pearls are sensitive to acids and other powerful chemicals. Yes this includes beauty products, so apply hairspray, make-up, body lotion and perfume before putting on your pearls.

Do not wear your pearls while swimming or taking a shower. Also remember to WEAR THEM.... your bodies natural oils help keep them lustrous and beautiful. 

Now you can care for your pearls from 6Grape the right way.