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Why are "real" diamonds sought after?

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Why are “real” Diamonds so sought after?


The truth about the diamond industry isn’t a rose colored one. The truth is the demand for diamonds and high prices are artificially created in order to make more profit for the world’s diamond cartels namely the De Beers Corporation.

            Did you know that as soon as you walk out of the door with a diamond purchased at a jewelry store it loses >50% of it’s “value”? And that even that value is artificially created by the diamond industry? It’s good to like shiny things but it’s not good to artificially throw away your hard earned funds for someone else’s profit.

The psychological demand for diamonds has literally been created out of nothing at all. Here’s how they did it:

            De Beers hostily took over diamond producing areas and created De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd., taking full ownership and control of the world diamond trade. They stockpiled diamonds and sold them strategically to control price, creating an artificially inflated market value and cultivating a network of wholesalers all over the world. All this at the expense of the host nations and blood shed we’re all familiar with that has been associated with the diamond trade and business as a whole.

Now that they had the supply... 

They just needed to create the demand with clever advertising. For this, they would need to find an ad agency. When De Beers began looking for an ad agency, the global economy was suffering and Europe was under threat of war. Their challenge was to figure out which country or countries had the most potential to support a growing diamond market, and then to hire an agency to implement a marketing campaign in those countries. Because of Europe's preoccupation with the oncoming war, the U.S. was chosen -- even though the total number of diamonds in the U.S. had declined by 50% since the end of World War I.

            They found N.W. Ayers as the agency that would do the trick. Through series of clever newspaper and TV ads they convinced America that marriage without a diamond ring was incompatible. They in fact stated: “There was no direct sale to be made. There was no brand name to be impressed on the public mind. There was simply an idea -- the eternal emotional value surrounding the diamond." The strategy proved successful and by tying the act of marriage to a diamond while using the popular slogan “A Diamond is Forever”, DeBeers successfully prevented mass resale of diamonds which would expose their inherently worthless value and destroy their market. Even the rule many Americans parrot that spending 2 months salary on a ring actually came from a De Beers Advertising campaign that simply stated this idea to be a truth.


            Now that you know the truth, would you spend that much on an inherently worthless product? Or would you get exactly the same look and idea of love behind the ring with 6Grape and use the money you save for your future. The choice is yours. Smile and Enjoy!

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