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  • Gifts for Any Occasion

    Sep 02 2018

    You can find jewelry appropriate to gift for almost any occasion. Here we will discuss some of the more popular choices. Graduation – Hi...

  • Beautiful Summer Traditions

    May 12 2018

    There are many beautiful summer traditions and festivals around the world to explore. Here we discuss a few of them for you! White Nights...

  • How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry And Diamond At Home -- 6Grape

    Jan 07 2018

    Things you will need: Two clean bowls. Mr. Clean or jewelry cleaner. One used toothbrush. Warm water. Paper towel. 1.  Cleanin...

  • Earrings have a long history

    Sep 30 2017

    Earrings have always been cherished… In antiquity, earrings were one of the most popular forms of jewelry. Sumerian women wore crescent-...