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  • Summer Time Class!

    Jun 26 2019

    It's that time of year again. The heat is back and it's time to shine. Pearl Jewelry is huge for the Summer of 2019. Pearl Pieces – Cla...

  • Holiday Gift Giving is here!

    Nov 10 2018

    This Holiday season we at 6Grape are pleased to offer you a wide selection of gifts for everyone special in your life. We all know about...

  • Gifts for Any Occasion

    Sep 02 2018

    You can find jewelry appropriate to gift for almost any occasion. Here we will discuss some of the more popular choices. Graduation – Hi...

  • How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry And Diamond At Home -- 6Grape

    Jan 07 2018

    Things you will need: Two clean bowls. Mr. Clean or jewelry cleaner. One used toothbrush. Warm water. Paper towel. 1.  Cleanin...

  • Earrings have a long history

    Sep 30 2017

    Earrings have always been cherished… In antiquity, earrings were one of the most popular forms of jewelry. Sumerian women wore crescent-...