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Summer Jewelry Tips

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Traveling, relaxing by the beach or pool, and soaking up the sunshine. All things we love to do with our summer but sometimes we forget about our jewelry. Here’s a few things you can do to make a more relaxing season for yourself. 

  1. Don’t take your jewelry to the beach. The sand and ocean are not their best friends. Not to mention the sunscreen you use is meant to stay on and coat a surface and this includes your gemstones. Just leave them safely at home and clean them often. Even in pools chlorine can damage your jewelry so its best to leave them off in the pool. As a general rule anytime you plan on sweating at the gym you should not wear your rings. Natural body oils and sweat are an enemy to all metals including sterling silver.
  1. When traveling always secure your jewelry in a safe and never leave items out unattended in a hotel room or in a rental car. If you make it easy for someone to grab something they just might.
  1. If you’re traveling with different types of jewelry, stay organized. Certain jewelry can damage other jewelry when packed together. For example, a stone can scratch a pearl when they rub together so keep this in mind. Use individual cloth or pouches to keep them separated nicely.
  1. If you plan on bringing an exceptionally valuable piece (which you shouldn’t do) ensure it is ensured and your policy is up to date. Check with your homeowners or renters insurance for options available to you.
  1. Grab a few extra pieces from 6Grape just for the summer. They have unparalleled beauty and are affordable. Enjoy showing them off this season!


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