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Pearls ARE a Girl’s Best Friend!

Posted on January 26 2017

Pearls ARE a Girl’s Best Friend!

Pearls ARE a Girl’s Best Friend!


Pearls are now preferred to diamonds in many circles as auction houses throughout the world have shown. Last month a solitaire pearl ring sold for £30,000 (About 39,000 US Dollars). Here at 6Grape you never have to break the bank that much and get the same beauty around your finger or neck.


Pearls have an unmatched history, glamour, mystique, and beauty. We associate pearls with purity and the debutante as well. That ritual of the well born, that launched young women into adulthood and towards a suitable husband. A string of pearls was a father’s traditional present to his daughter on her 18th birthday.


Pearls have a link to women’s suffrage as well. When members of the movement were fighting their battles for the right of women to vote, their colors were purple, green and white. These signified: dignity, hope and purity. Many of these women were from the upper classes, who wore jewelry of amethysts, emeralds and, of course, pearls.


Women such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe used them almost daily in their wardrobes. Taylor’s famous La Peregrina pearl was given to her as a Valentine’s gift by her husband Richard Burton. What a perfect gift for Valentines Day! It’s history spans almost 500 years, having belonged to various queens of Europe.


The Romans loved Pearls, and in medieval Europe they were signifiers of authority on royal regalia, symbolizing purity and chastity. Kings and Queens have always worn them as well throughout history.


The Queen of England for example is seldom seen without a double strand of pearls, and now the Duchess of Cambridge is putting the younger generation’s stamp on them with the simple pearl earrings she wears almost daily.


Another special thing about Pearls is, unlike other jewels, a pearl is still a living organism. That is, the layers of nacre of which a pearl is composed are absorbent, so that external factors can influence their condition and even color. Thus they improve with wear, picking up faint traces of oil from your skin that gives them an added gleam.


We at 6Grape want to offer you a piece of this glamorous history. We offer Pearl necklaces of various sizes and shapes, earrings, and bracelets to adorn your self every day with the beauty and mystique they offer.