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Never Buy a Diamond

Posted on January 11 2017

Never Buy a Diamond

Reasons to NEVER buy a “real” Diamond:

            This might surprise some of you, but diamonds have ZERO value. That’s right, none. You’ll figure this out if you ever try to sell one; but the diamond industry has long psychologically manipulated you in to preventing this since “a diamond is forever”. The diamond engagement ring is essentially a 70 year old scam invented by the De Beers diamond cartel. They have systematically held prices high by controlling the supply of a product that is actually quite common indeed.

            The diamond camps where diamonds are obtained are infested with child labor, slave labor, HIV/AIDS epidemics, and other atrocities. This is the face of the industry Americans will never see but should be aware of. Additionally the mines themselves permanently damage water supplies, plants, and animals in the area of the mine. This damage is irreversible. Slave labor is even used to cut and polish diamonds; as most are processed by bonded child laborers in India, after being mined in Africa or other areas.

            Diamond producing regions in Africa are protected by soldiers; many of them child soldiers. These kids are given drugs and beaten mercilessly to overcome fear and reluctance of their participation. They are not willing workers and your diamond ring enables these atrocities as well. Diamond trade is even used to finance the illegal arms sales of the world; which kill over a million people annually. Do you want this on your conscience? Or your finger? We didn’t think so.

            If these human rights reasons are not enough for you (they should be) I’ll give you a practical one. You CAN’T afford one. That’s right, you. Although you’ve been manipulated into thinking everyone is a celebrity, and to run up your credit cards you’ll be paying down until you die, you can’t afford a diamond ring. The average per capita income in the United States (one of the richest nations on earth and that ever was) is about $49000 per year. And that average includes millionaires and billionaires that greatly skew the average. The actual average is closer to $34000. The average engagement ring cost in the US is $5800. This is about 17% of your annual income. The diamond cartels want you to start your lives together by spending almost 20% of your annual income on a worthless rock. Are you on board with this? You shouldn’t be. Be smart and save your money for your future, travel, or a car or house together.


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