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Beautiful Summer Traditions

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There are many beautiful summer traditions and festivals around the world to explore. Here we discuss a few of them for you!

White Nights of Summer - Russia:

From May through July, local citizens and visitors celebrate the “White Nights” when the sun barely sets and sun-filled days never seem to end. Known as “Beliye Nochi” to the Russians, it is a time to be on the streets and to attend an endless array of special concerts, festivals, ballet, and opera, as well as restaurants and bars that stay open late into the morning hours. Other highlights include the raising of the bridges over the River Neva, swimming in Lake Ladoga, and strolling through the immaculately landscaped Letnii Sad.

The Night of Fire - Spain:

Celebrating the longest day of the year and start of the summer, festivals are held on the night of Sant Joan when the sun reaches its highest point, representing fertility, wealth and strength, which is symbolized by bonfires and fireworks throughout the city.

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Festival - Japan:

This Japanese summer festival is held in Aomori prefecture and is one of the largest festivals of the country, attracting more than 3.5 million people every year. According to tradition, “Nebuta” means “being sleepy” and Aomori citizens originated this event to put away the drowsiness that plagued them on hot summer days. 

During the festival, held from August 2nd - 7th, giant floats made from wood and paper are eleaborately decorated and illuminated from inside and are paraded through the city accompanied by taiko drums, flutes and hand cymbals.

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